Panoramic View of The San Francisco Bay From Angel Island

The view to take your breath away, even if you have lived in the San Francisco Bay Area all your life.

Real estate insider Michael Williamsen takes an afternoon bike ride around Angel Island, in the center of the San Francisco Bay. Having lived and worked here for over 35 years, this is the view that took his breath away.

1. Create your own Healthy, happy, and safe Home with Beth Greer

The Super Natural Home is the opposite of a sick home. Learn how to take your home from a toxic source of illness to happy and healthy with insider tips from best seller and celebrity speaker Beth Greer. She has been featured on CNN, NBC, ABC, and endorsed by Deepak Chopra.

Everyone wants a  quick cure, a pill, a drug — which mostly alleviate the symptoms making us “feel healthy.” The best way deal with being sick is by simply avoiding illness, being healthy, by making healthy choices: not choosing toxins which get into our bodies through what we eat, drink, breath, put on our skin and exposed to us in many ways.

Creating a healthy home is a great start for our whole family.

2. Over-Bidding on Real Estate – how to reduce frustration

Learn the processes behind the real estate curtain of over-bidding from insiders Michael Williamsen and Carol Rodoni. If you don’t bid high enough, you don’t get the house. If your bid is successful you may have anxiety wondering if you overpaid.

Information is power.

3. Yosemite Winter 2017 After Epic Rains

Rain storms created an epic experience during the winter of 2017 in Yosemite National Forest.  Waterfalls, streams and ponds had their levels not seen in decades.  Michael Williamsen and photographer Kim Nash braved through road closures to get these photos. Please enjoy and share the visual experience.