Your Home in DIVORCE. Your Survival Guide by Michael Williamsen

Are you facing divorce? Is your home your largest financial asset? How can you maximize proceeds, minimize stress, fear, and anxiety? The answers are in your hands. Literally. This book guides you to ask the right questions, create a plan for your future, and make informed and wise decisions.

Michael Williamsen’s new book:    Your Home In Divorce – Your Survival Guide

“This is stuff you don’t learn from real estate school or your divorce attorney.”   — Vladlena McClure, Real Estate Agent/ Investor

“Breaking up the family home is traumatic. This book is a must read.”— Bonnie Coren, Relationship Advisor

“Everyone should have this book. It touches on all aspects of our lives, offering invaluable insider tips on how to save ourselvesfrom losing money.”  – Linda Zanides, Owner, Public Relations

“The author skillfully separated emotional aspects from essential financial responsibilities and pitfalls of divorce. A guide to be in the hands of all involved.” — Marcia Mills, Real Estate Agent

“I will give this book to future real estate clients in divorce.” — Steve Gainer, Real Estate Attorney

A national, award-winning real estate broker in one of the world’s most affluent areas, Michael Williamsen has helped clients and friends for decades. “It’s time to give up the insider secrets to reduce the fear, risk, stress, and costs of the unknown, and turn houses into happy and successful new lives.”

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“The fear of the unknown and potentially losing my home in my divorce was extremely stressful. I highly recommend this book, it guided me in becoming my own advocate and pursue with courage, what I wanted. This informative read is a must if you are in the throws of divorce.” – Dee Sangster, Child Care Provider and Divorcee

Whether you own a mansion or rent a small apartment, breaking up the family home is a traumatic experience to be taken seriously. This book is extremely valuable, a must read. It will assist you in making informed decisions about your home during a divorce. – Bonnie Coren, Relationship Advisor

“My divorce was horrible. The worst part of it was dealing with my own attorney. The best part was Michael’s patience, understanding of the situation. I felt he was truly on my side.” – Roberta, Artist, Divorcee, Marin County

“Michael’s advice is always direct and to the point, never self-serving.” – Len Nibbi, San Rafael Developer 

“Michael Williamsen’s book is well written, insightful and concise.  It offers a solid blueprint of practical and preventative financial advice and plenty of real estate gems of wisdom to protect and safeguard your biggest asset, your home!  Highly recommend and a must read for any homeowner!” – James Sagorac, Real Estate Agent, Divorcee, Developer, and Writer of “Building Your Dream House with Sticks & Stones, & Color Tones.”

“Be mindful of changes in mood and behavior; be aware of your reactions that may make situations worse. These negative mindsets can affect how one makes decisions.” – Lori A Salinas, MA, MFT, professional witness and consultant in family courts

“Paying property taxes IS an obligation… Overpaying is NOT.” – Joy Hurtig, Vice President, Property Tax Reduction Strategies

“Everyone should have a copy of Michael Williamsen’s new book! He touches on all aspects of our lives offering invaluable insider Tips on How To Save Ourselves from losing money. We are Very lucky Michael wrote this book. He shares his experience intelligently, to the point and with humor! Order your book fast at Amazon! You will thank him and so will your pocketbook!” – Linda Zanides, owner Zanides Public Relations and Divorcee

“A wide range of real estate experience and education give Mike an endless supply of strategies and solutions. He is consistently turning his clients’ problems into opportunities and his clients get the rewards. A pro’s pro!” –David Kessner – Real Estate Broker/Investor, and Divorcee


INTRODUCTION           Fear

CHAPTER 1      Follow Your Heart?  Truth or Dare?

CHAPTER 2     Who is Really On Your Side? Do they have their own agendas?

CHAPTER 3      What Is Your Plan?  You do have a plan, don’t you?

CHAPTER 4      Who Owns Your House?  The many types of ownership

CHAPTER 5      What Your Property Worth?  Who do you believe?

CHAPTER 6 What Is Your Property REALLY Worth? – Debts, liabilities, repairs, and unsightly issues

CHAPTER 7      Evaluation – This is not a test. This is your life 

CHAPTER 8      Keep Your House?  – To keep or not to keep. That Is the question

CHAPTER 9      Sell? Is this an end or a beginning?

CHAPTER 10    Where Are You Going? Your New Home and How to Get There

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Author: Mike Williamsen

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