16 Questions to Ask An Agent Before You List

16 Questions to ask a Realtor.

  • 1) Will he be genuinely focused on your property?
  • 2) Does he have a good solid real estate education to negotiate for you and protect your best interests?
  • 3) Is his education current on recent marketing and legal aspects to protect you?
  • 4) Does he have substantial experience over up and down markets?
  • 5) Will his company provide support and be flexible for your needs?
  • 6) Are testimonial and referral letters available?
  • 7) Does he have a written marketing schedule customized to your needs?
  • 8) Is he capable of getting your property staged?
  • 9) Is he internet savvy with his own website?
  • 10) Will his web site provide information and expose buyers to your property?
  • 12) Are samples of his marketing efforts provided?
  • 13) Will he market your property directly to potential buyers?
  • 14) Does he have an assistant or escrow coordinator or will he personally handle your transaction?
  • 15) Is there a SERVICE GUARANTEE providing you with the ability to cancel the listing agreement if you are not satisfied for any reason?
 16) Has he asked you to review all your numbers?
Don’t be surprised if Michael Williamsen gives you different answers than most other agents.