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By Shannon Hartsoe With his trademark sense of humor, Michael Williamsen jokes that he doesn’t care if you misspell his name with an s-o-n instead of s-e-n, he’ll still cash the check. He favors himself as an old school gentleman, holding doors open for other people, and helping others load plywood into their truck in the hardware store parking lot. “I like to leave a smile on everyone I meet.”
Having represented buyers and sellers in several hundred transactions and several dozen on his own account since 1982 you might think he would feel comfortable in knowing the business. Williamsen has a bachelor’s degree in Information Management Systems from the University of San Francisco. “I try to keep technology tamed so my clients can make informed decisions.” Williamsen takes numerous classes each year in marketing, sales, and legal aspects of real estate – always on the prowl for new ideas. “I don’t believe in perfection, but the pursuit of perfection. That keeps me going beyond what used to be ‘perfection.”

Shunning the traditional coat and tie in favor of blue jeans and print shirts, he doesn’t appear to be a typical real estate professional. “My philosophy on investing is 1) make the money, 2) keep the money, and 3) make the money make money for you.” Williamsen says. “My clients are more concerned with the quality of their investment, profit, safety, and reduced risk and stress than my fancy suits.”

The Foundation
Williamsen’s Alaskan childhood summers were consumed by hard work and baseball. He spent his mornings working with his father salvaging old buildings, and pulling up the halibut skates or crab pots. Afternoons on the baseball field taught him the rewards of hard work and persistence — twice helping his Little League teams to the state playoffs. Though he was very shy as a child, he was extremely creative. When he introduced creative financing, his mother knew the family Monopoly Games would never be the same. It just seemed natural that he would apply his creativity in everything else he did.
“My father was a Lutheran minister,” he says. “He never judged me, but I could always sense his approval or disappointment. I learned a lot from him. Even now I still sense his presence and strive to earn his respect. His belief in everlasting life really made the trials and setbacks in his life seem insignificant. It’s an amazing perspective.”
A family move put him in a small farming town in Eastern Washington. As the new kid in town, it was baseball that gave him instant acceptance with many new friends. Knowing him now, it’s tempting to think that it was Williamsen’s determination and persistence helped give his team the state high school baseball championship two years. But he begs to differ and says it was baseball that helped him gain self confidence, determination and persistence.
Williamsen went on to work in a variety of jobs including his own lawn mowing business at age 14, working in the hay fields of Eastern Washington at 15-16 and clerking in grocery stores from ages 16-22. The common denominator? “I learned the meaning of hard work and customer service. I always keep in mind who I work for; I work for my client, my company works for me.” While living in Washington, he had his first taste of investing success — purchasing a “fixer upper” for $11,000, renovating it almost entirely on his own, and then selling it for $29,500!
strong>Turning Dirt Into Gold
In 1977 Williamsen moved to California and quickly got into buying property, and helping his friends get into their first homes. In 1982 Williamsen took the next natural step and got his real estate license.
Once Williamsen had his license, there was no stopping him. Quickly, he built a reputation as the one to turn to when results were critical, surprising everyone, it seems, but himself. Though residential properties make up more than 80% of his business, he is also something of a land guru. Connecting particularly well with the local builders, he began to help them find, develop and sell projects, then re-invest into the next project, earning him the nick-name the “Lot Guy” of Marin County. And for good reason; since the 1980’s, Michael Williamsen has had his fingers in a large percentage of Marin’s land deals. “I love the creativity of the deal and the design and development of new homes.” In 2006 Mike was awarded the RE/MAX Hall of Fame. “I actually earned it in 2004 – I was just busy to notice that I had qualified.”
His clients have grown accustomed to “the smile.” It happens when someone tells him that something can’t be done. “I have a nose for finding overlooked deals,” he says with a laugh. “Some of my clients have made a fortune on deals that others said couldn’t be done.” But, though he is creative, he’s anything but careless. His depth of experience in the purchase, development and sales of not only homes, but fixer uppers, spec houses, as well as commercial and land acquisition has often netted his clients a higher return and with less stress. “I always look at the potential future potential of a property. It’s the single biggest investment most people make so it’s a good idea to do it wisely. I am quite analytical. If I sense that it’s not a good deal, I tell them.” Rob Fitzgerald, one of Williamsen’s long-time clients, agrees. “The best deals I have ever made were the deals that I didn’t do. Mike Williamsen has
kept me out of those disastrous deals.”
The Man, the Legend, and the Future
Though Williamsen’s real estate success is undeniable, he describes the true measure of his success by what he gives back. “I get a kick out of helping clients accomplish things they didn’t know they could.” Out of the dozens of awards he has earned, the older ones that actually found space on his wall are now covered with pictures of his family, or the many baseball and basketball teams he has coached. “Real estate has helped me to do more of the things that I enjoy. My son’s trophies mean a lot more to me than my own.” Williamsen says “I’ve always lived life on the playing field rather than in the bleachers.”

What are his latest favorite achievements? “I have spent several years developing a website to provide information and services to my clients. It is going so well, it is taking on a life of its own!” His son, Bryan, now 12, is his continued inspiration. “He’s smarter than I am, keeps me challenged, and he trusts me.” And, he adds with a laugh. “He already pitches faster than I do!” He recently added a new hobby. “I told my friends I was thinking about writing a screenplay. They all said I couldn’t do it.” Williamsen just finished his first screenplay and has started his second. Asked what will Williamsen do after real estate? “What do you mean? I am just getting started.”


OBJECTIVES I am basing my career on referrals from satisfied clients. I keep informed with the latest market information, legal issues and negotiating strategies allowing my clients to make the most informed decisions. I keep my clients’ best interests in mind knowing that if they are satisfied. The will remember me when they or their friends need real estate service.

EMPLOYMENT My experience with many types of real estate transactions gives me a wide resource of solutions to meet my clients’ objectives. My experience working with different firms gives me what I need to service my clients’ best interests.
August 2008 – Present Bradley Real Estate, San Rafael. Residential, commercial, investment, development. Staff Writer for www.BayAreaRealEstateTrends.com blog May 1992 – 2008 RE/MAX of Central Marin. Real Estate Broker in residential, investment and land development. Hall of Fame Award in 2006.
1988 – 1992 TRI Realtors. Residential and multi-unit properties. Top producer in land and land development sales. Top producer.
1982 – 1988 Frank Howard Allen Residential and commercial properties. Awards for production every year.
EDUCATION: My education with computer systems enables me to automate much of my activities and deal with large amounts of information. This gives me more time to deal with my clients’ needs and allow them to make informed decisions.
My craving for new ideas keeps me current on industry issues.
University of San Francisco Bachelors of Science in Information Systems Management. Class emphasis on computer systems and personnel, marketing and sales, human behavior, real estate law, real estate finance, property mgmt, business and contract law.
Washington State University Electrical engineering and math.
Numerous classes and seminars in investments, development, marketing, sales, foreclosure, ethics, counseling, negotiation, personal communications.
Certified ePro, Certified Staging Professional. Certified Foreclosure Specialist, Certified Distressed Property Expert
Contributing author: RealTalk, RealTown, Broker/Agent Magazine, Pro Agent Magazine. Radio talk show guest: Money Matters
Seven Sins of Dirt Deals
Real Estate Hangover 2009
The “F Word” In Real Estate Agency part 1
The “F Word” In Real Estate Part 2
numerous blogs


Michael Williamsen’s Education
To better serve his clients in an ever changing business, Mike is continually taking classes and seminars. This gives his clients the finest service available.
University of San Francisco – Bachelors of Science in Information Systems Management with classes in management, business, and real estate.
Washington State University – 2 years of Electrical Engineering with classes in math and computer systems.
College of Marin – Miscellaneous classes including business and contract law.
Real Estate Principles _University of San Francisco
Real Estate Practices University of San Francisco
Real Estate Law University of San Francisco
Real Estate Finance – University Studies
Real Estate Economics – University Studies
Business Law – COM
Property Management – University Studies
Principles of Sales _ University of San Francisco
Advanced Real Estate Topics _ University of San Francisco
Sales Management _ University of San Francisco

Foreclosure University – Certified Foreclosure Specialist
Distressed Sales Certification – short sales
e-Pro – Internet Marketing
Staging the Home to Sell – Barb Schwartz
Closing the Sale – Zig Zigler
Superstar Production – Terry Eilers
Taking Control of Your Business – Joe Stumpf
Local Government in Real Estate – MAR
Financial Planning in Real Estate – CAR
Protecting Your Client Against Litigation – Bill Hochman, Esq.
Real Estate Investment Analysis I & II REVEI
Foundation on Financing – Great Western Bank
TRI Inc. – TRI Business Development
More Time Management – Erhard Foundation
Listing Real Estate – Tommy Hopkins
Neurolinguistic Programming
Real Estate Workshop – Mike Ferry
How To List and Sell Real Estate – Danielle Kennedy
Investment Analysis After Tax Reform – Duane Gomer
The Science of the Sale – Dan McBride
The Art of Real Estate Counseling – Art Chatham
Creative Rental Management – Duane Gomer
Nothing Down – Robert Allen
Century 21 License Course
Numerous other classes in Agency, Ethics, Probate, Development,
Investments, Exchanges, Foreclosure, Staging, Short Sales, etc.
Staff Writer for www.BayAreaRealEstateTrends.com

35 years of Experience


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A Game Of Their Own

Drop-off 131 Laurel Place, San Rafael CA There is a line in the book “A Glove of Their Own” where a young player gets his first baseball glove and says, “I hoped one day I’d have a glove of my own.” The only thing better than giving a glove of their own, is being the one giving it.

Why do I help children develop self esteem? My late wife was pestering me as to why I spent so much time coaching and writing youth sports. My reply: “Laura, everything you love about me; self confidence, persistence, patience, commitment, work ethic, I got playing sports as a kid.” This is my way of giving back the gift given to me by so many coaches, players, and generous people.

“Beyond the Laces” An ill child finds hope in an unexpected performance from his star football player. This book is being bought and donated by the cases to give to hospitalized children to provide hope through kindness. https://www.facebook.com/Beyond-The-Laces-1444937875818525/

“Playing Catch With Destiny” by Michael Williamsen. A true story of a Chicago Cubs pitcher and his choice to follow the dream of playing professional baseball or mission of helping children with sensory deficits. Minor league baseball is a game you won’t see on the big screen at the sports bar. For the players, it goes way past a game; their biggest challenges aren’t on the ball field one you’d least expect. http://miraclebelt.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Playing-Catch-With-Destiny-478827268912715/

“A Glove of Their Own” Teaching the gift of giving. Children find old, tattered, baseball equipment and begin to play, no rulebook, no scoreboard, no coaches and no parents. An observer presents them a bag of used equipment. One player hugs a glove and says “there is nothing better than having a glove of my own.” The next thing better than getting a glove of their own, is being the one giving it to them. This book has launched an international movement to provide used unwanted sports equipment to children to develop self esteem through sports. https://www.facebook.com/AGloveTheirOwnTeam/?ref=tn_tnmn The best way to support Michael’s efforts is to refer real estate business to him.

We Played Baseball

By Michael Williamsen While struggling to reunite his broken family, young Bryan discovers that kid’s baseball is not just a game, not about baseball, and little to do with kids. Coach is a very successful and powerful man living in a world of trophies. He knows about winning. “Hard work, sacrifice, and do whatever you need to do to WIN. The real world only rewards the WINNERS. The sooner you realize that, the better off you will be.” Mike, our assistant coach, has struck out many times in life. Baseball has given him a lot, he just lost it somewhere. He still has something to give back, and does with his not quite by the book methods of teaching us the game and learning something himself. Kids, coaches, and parents all bring their ambitions, frustrations, desires, and fears to clash in simply too-true and emotional baseball story.

Sports Equipment Drive 2018

Sports Equipment Drive June 15 -31, 2018

Along with FUN, EXERCISE, and FRIENDSHIPS youth sports has proven to help children develop LIFE SKILLS to mold their future such as self esteem, self discipline, team work, team spirit, responsibility, commitment, determination, humility in victory, dignity in defeat, face fear, and build character in many ways. Unfortunately, many children don’t get the chance simply due to lack of sports equipment. Check out other people like you at the bottom of this page! You are in some splendid company.

Four ways you can help:
DONATE equipment – clean out that garage or back closet.
RECIEVE Do you know any youth orgs who need equipment?
PARTNER – Spread the word. Do you know any local businesses who may want share this event with their connections and customers? There is no cost, they can simply share the message.
DROP OFF POINT – A cardboard box at your office or convenient spot with the flyer attached.
San Rafael Pacifics  Sports Camps and Clinics  https://www.pacificsbaseball.com
Hamilton School K-8 (Novato, CA) Basketball Program   http://hamiltonmiddleathletics.com
Hamilton School (Novato) Mentor’s Program
Fit Kids Foundation   https://fitkids.org/about/
Boys and Girls Club http://www.petaluma-marinbgc.org/
Line Drive Baseball and Softball https://www.linedrivebaseballandsoftball.com/
Hamilton School http://hamiltonmiddleathletics.com/teams/?u=HAMILTONMIDDLESCHOOL&s=htosports
San Rafael Little League  https://www.srll.net/
Sausalito Marin City Little League http://www.smcll.com/
Oakland Babe Ruth  http://oakbaberuth.siplay.com/site/
…  can you think of any one else??
Marin Brokers Group 851 Irwin St #102, San Rafael CA
131 Laurel Place, San Rafael (grey pickup truck parked in street)
San Rafael Pacifics  Sports Camps and Clinics
Hairplane Hair Salon 65 Redhill, San Anselmo
Pinnacle Capital Mortgage  851 Irwin #2 San Rafael CA
Luigy’s Moving  122 Hamilton # E Novato or 1719 Ocean Ave, San Francisco
Lincoln Community Church 1411 Lincoln Ave, San Rafael CA
Desire to Inspire Studios 4208-D Redwood Hwy, San Rafael Ca 94903
 American Pacific Mortgage- 845 Olive Ave # 208 Novato CA 94945
Marin Brokers Group  MarinBrokersGroup.com
Hamilton School Mentor’s Program and Summer Sports Camp
Mike’s Bikes
San Rafael Pacifics Baseball   https://www.pacificsbaseball.com
Luigy’s Moving Company  https://www.luigysmoving.com/home
Gainer Law  http://gainerlaw.com/
Sports Therapy By Jess  www.sportstherapybyjess.com

Pinnacle Capital Mortgage  www.pinnacle-loan.com

Retirement Funding Solutions  http://maryjolafaye.com/

Hair Plane Salon – https://www.facebook.com/Hairplane-Salon-200107183350459/

Private Pacific Money  https://www.pacificprivatemoney.com/

The Best of Investing on KDOW 1220AM Satudays at noon. Edward Brown, Host
Fenix Theatre, San Rafael   https://fenixlive.com/
Gainer Financial  https://gainerfinancial.com/
People’s Home Equity  http://www.peopleshomeequity.com/
City Natational Bank     cnb.com
Lincoln Community Church  http://www.lincolnhillchurch.com/
Super Natural Home  https://supernaturalmom.com/
Stacey Lapuk http://staceylapukinteriors.com/
American Pacific Mortgage  www.mikebelfor.com
Desire to Inspire Studios  www.DesireToInspireStudios.com
A Game of Their Own  http://www.AGameOfTheirOwn.com/
Ghost Town to Havana (movie) http://www.ghosttowntohavana.com/
Baseball Without Borders   http://www.baseballwithoutborders.org/
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