Your Home in DIVORCE – Your Survival Guide


Fighting over real estate in divorce is often described as one of the WORST EXPERIENCES of people’s lives.

As a real estate broker in Marin County California for 35 years, it has baffled me as to how people in divorce can make the same mistakes over and over. Confusion fills their lives with unanswered questions such as:


Who do I trust?

How do I deal with the professionals I am paying who seem to be working against me?

What about family and friends?

How can I make wise and informed decisions about my biggest financial asset while I am in a huge emotional crisis, and I don’t have any experience or information? I don’t even know what questions I should be asking.

There is a lot of insider information kept secret.   UNTIL NOW.

I started writing the book last year. Struggling with the cover design, I sent out a test. The response was overwhelming. Not about the cover but from people saying, “I need this book NOW.” Everyone knew someone who needed it. Personal stories made me laugh then broke my heart.

Testimonials came back like from a real estate agent: “This is stuff you don’t get in real estate school or from your attorney.”

Then real estate industry insiders came back with their additions: A real estate attorney asked if he could add to my chapter on how to deal with attorneys. His comments will blow your mind. A home organizer expert added “how to deal with the emotional detachment from your home and stuff. It is just beautiful.More contributions came from an estate attorney, professional counselors, and many other real estate insiders.

All my insider tips from 35 years as a real estate broker. All the real estate industry professional tips. All the stories.    ALL IN THE BOOK

Take care

Author: Mike Williamsen

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