Berkshire Hathaway Makes Michael an Offer He Can’t Refuse

When Warren Buffet and Berkshire came into Marin real estate they caught my attention.
When the made me an offer I had a serious decision to make. Berkshire Hathaway certainly impressive services.
BUT – My success is not determined by the company I associate with, but by you, my clients and my success in serving your needs.
My long-time slogan has been to provide the maximum profits and opportunities while minimizing risk and stress.
I asked myself, Will Berkshire Hathaway continue to provide me the best services to help you and your family and friends?
The answer was YES.
From your perspective nothing will change
You will still get my old-school hands-on service
Like sitting down in person – Going over documents in person, answering all your questions
My phone number stays the same
Email and website stays
My office is even in the same building
If I can help you in any way, I hope to hear from you soon
Take care