Real Estate Update – Marin County Spring 2020




Sellers are sitting on the fence waiting to see what happens with everything that is going on.

Investors are waiting with cash for the market to crash.

There are so many events going on right now I will just mention them. If you have any QUESTIONS comments, expertise to share, or want to shoot your own video interview, let me know by phone, text, or email below.


We had a good run in real estate appreciation since 2010.

INVENTORY still low but growing with several “coming soon.” prices are remaining strong. We are selling but with videos and photos and appointment only.

INTEREST RATES are very low, buyers are scrambling to get in while this lasts. Typically, Feds lower interest rates 2-3% to stimulate the economy. Feds have no more room to lower interest rates.

Trillions of $$ from investors flowing into Silicon Valley bringing in many more high-paid workers and home buyers.

FIRE STORMS have hit N Cal last 3 years.

Fingers point at PGE. PGE’s solution is to have power shutdowns during hi-risk times, must influence people from wanting to move to California.

VIRUS – causing all sorts of problems.

STOCK MARKET reacted down 20-30%

OIL PRICES DOWN – isn’t that a good thing?? Stock market reps say oil being down affects the Dow Jones – Oil companies are over-leveraged. Saudis lowering price of oil. US oil companies profits are way down and negative.

UNEMPLOYMENT – expected to hit 20-30% — that means there will still be 70 -80% still able to buy.

10 million unemployment applications filed. Small companies are losing jobs. Companies over 500 have gained jobs.

Imports have stopped creating shortages.

FED FUNDING $2 TRILLION. Most will go to big companies. Cruise lines are all foreign-owned – why bail them out? It looks like 2007 when Bush bailed out banks. No account of where the money went.

BIG ELECTION in November. 4 years ago, the real estate market went from bullish to frozen a month before and 3 months after trying to figure out what to do.

Politics seems more about bashing opponents and insider trading than running the country. Nothing really new – just a lot more media coverage which I hope will make us better voters at the polls this year.

5G is 10 times more power than 4 G. Some countries are already outlawing it. Mill Valley is banning 5G towers.

With all this going on, our outcome will still depend on our decisions.

With real estate, whether buying, selling, or investing, the best time to start planning your future and to take advantage of turns in the market is right now.

Your Home in DIVORCE – Your Survival Guide


Fighting over real estate in divorce is often described as one of the WORST EXPERIENCES of people’s lives.

As a real estate broker in Marin County California for 35 years, it has baffled me as to how people in divorce can make the same mistakes over and over. Confusion fills their lives with unanswered questions such as:


Who do I trust?

How do I deal with the professionals I am paying who seem to be working against me?

What about family and friends?

How can I make wise and informed decisions about my biggest financial asset while I am in a huge emotional crisis, and I don’t have any experience or information? I don’t even know what questions I should be asking.

There is a lot of insider information kept secret.   UNTIL NOW.

I started writing the book last year. Struggling with the cover design, I sent out a test. The response was overwhelming. Not about the cover but from people saying, “I need this book NOW.” Everyone knew someone who needed it. Personal stories made me laugh then broke my heart.

Testimonials came back like from a real estate agent: “This is stuff you don’t get in real estate school or from your attorney.”

Then real estate industry insiders came back with their additions: A real estate attorney asked if he could add to my chapter on how to deal with attorneys. His comments will blow your mind. A home organizer expert added “how to deal with the emotional detachment from your home and stuff. It is just beautiful.More contributions came from an estate attorney, professional counselors, and many other real estate insiders.

All my insider tips from 35 years as a real estate broker. All the real estate industry professional tips. All the stories.    ALL IN THE BOOK

Take care

Berkshire Hathaway Makes Michael an Offer He Can’t Refuse

When Warren Buffet and Berkshire came into Marin real estate they caught my attention.

When they made me an offer I had a serious decision to make. Berkshire Hathaway certainly impressive services.

BUT – My success is not determined by the company I associate with, but by you, my clients and my success in serving your needs.

My long time slogan has been to provide the maximum profits and opportunities while minimizing risk and stress.

I asked myself, Will Berkshire Hathaway continue to provide me the best services to help you and your family and friends?

The answer was YES.

From your perspective nothing will change. You will still get my old-school hands-on service.Like sitting down in person – Going over documents in person, answering all your questions.

My phone number stays the same 415-713-2223

Email and website stays

My office is even in the same building at 851 Irwin #100, San Rafael CA 94901

If I can help you in any way, I hope to hear from you soon.

Take care

RENTED in Sausalito

RENTED Sausalito – Studio Apartment

RENTED – Studio Apartment in Sausalito Hillside Home

Rented for $2285/month
Bedrooms: STUDIO
Bathrooms: 1
Type: Studio Apartment

Private entrance, carport, quiet, close to downtown Sausalito, buses, ferry, biking

RENTED in Dominican, San Rafael

RENTED Spacious home in pride of ownership Dominican location.

RENTED – 152 Dominican Drive, San Rafael, CA 94901

Rented for $4,800/month
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 3
Type: Single Family Home

Spacious and spectacular!  Mt Tam views, private rear yard. Attached garage with lots of storage. Desired Dominican neighborhood close to all amenities.

Sports Equipment Drive 2018 – Building Character in Kids

Sports Equipment Drive 2018 June 21 – July 1

Along with FUN, EXERCISE, and FRIENDSHIPS youth sports has proven to help children develop LIFE SKILLS to mold their future such as self esteem, self discipline, team work, team spirit, responsibility, commitment, determination, humility in victory, dignity in defeat, face fear, and build character in many ways. Unfortunately, many children don’t get the chance simply due to lack of sports equipment. Check out other people like you at the bottom of this page! You are in some splendid company.

Four ways you can help:
1) DONATE equipment – clean out that garage or back closet.
2) RECIEVE Do you know any youth orgs who need equipment?
3) PARTNER – Spread the word. Do you know any local businesses who may want share this event with their connections and customers? There is no cost, they can simply share the message.
4) DROP OFF POINT – A cardboard box at your office or convenient spot with the flyer attached.
…  can you think of any one else??
Marin Brokers Group 851 Irwin St #102, San Rafael CA
131 Laurel Place, San Rafael (grey pickup truck parked in street)
San Rafael Pacifics Baseball Alberts Field, San Rafael
Mike’s Bikes -836 Fourth St, San Rafael (parking in rear)
T&B Sports, 1345 Fourth St, San Rafael
Hairplane Hair Salon 65 Redhill, San Anselmo
Pinnacle Capital Mortgage  851 Irwin #2 San Rafael CA
Luigy’s Moving  122 Hamilton # E Novato
Lincoln Community Church 1411 Lincoln Ave, San Rafael CA
Desire to Inspire Studios 4208-D Redwood Hwy, San Rafael Ca 94903
 American Pacific Mortgage- 845 Olive Ave # 208 Novato CA 94945
TEAM MEMBERS (still room for you!)
Other people like you:

SOLD — 132 Laurel Place, San Rafael

Sold with Perfect Market Timing !!!

SOLD – 132 Laurel Place, San Rafael, CA 94903

Sold for $930,000 March 2018
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 1.5
Type: Single Family Home

Move-in condition with Chef’s kitchen. Many upgrades, hardwood floors, high ceilings, Mt Tam views, private rear yard. Attached garage with lots of storage. Desired Downtown neighborhood close to all amenities.


NEED EPBOW ROOM? 2100 sqft of living includes 3 bedrooms, family room, and DEN. Goregeous hardwood floors, dual pane windows, patio, 2 car garage, RV parking, storage. Move-in condition. Northbridge subdivision.



Price: $599,950
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2
Sq. Ft.: 2101
Year Built: 1959
Type: Single Family Home

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