BOUQUET TO ART – de Young Art Museum

Florists present their flower arrangements as interpretations of the art of de Young Museum of Art, in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.

How YOU Help Me Help Kids Develop Self Esteem

My real estate career has been successful enough and fortunate to have a few hours of extra time to give back. My passion is helping kids develop self esteem through sports, music, dance, art.

But I couldn’t do this without YOU. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4. Interior Design – Three Secret Questions to a Successful Design

Create your dream home by asking three important questions most home owners don’t ask interior designers. Real estate insider Michael Williamsen interviews national award winning designer Stacey Lapuk with surprising answers to his questions.

Interior designers vary greatly in cost, skills, and ability to make your project how you want it. Learn the biggest questions to ask designers to get the best service and best value, with least risk, headaches, stress, anxiety, but mostly — get the best outcome for your home or project.

5. Fences and Tree Disputes with attorney steve gainer

Fences and trees are some of the nastiest disputes between real estate owners.  Real Estate insider Michael Williamsen interviews attorney Steve Gainer who discusses problems and solutions to boundary disputes  and ways to avoid them. An ounce of prevention will save you a mountain of real estate fees and stress.

6. Is this a Good Time to Buy real estate?

Is This a Good Time to Buy real estate in the San Francisco Bay Area?
Insider real estate professional investor and broker Michael Williamsen and mortgage company owner Jeremy Forcier bare their secrets giving you tips and answers to questions you may not even know to ask.

7. How to deal with and prevent boundary line disputes


What are boundary and lot-line disputes?
Why are they so nasty and expensive?
How can they be solved effectively?

Real estate broker/investor Michael Williamsen and real estate attorney discuss the issues and solutions of one of the biggest problems facing property owners.

8. Why should you follow marin brokers group?

Do you own real estate? Do you want to? You certainly know real estate decisions will most likely be some of the biggest decisions of your life. Do you think there are real estate insiders who benefit greatly from their knowledge and experience? Would you like access to their wisdom?

Real estate broker/investor/developer Michael Williamsen shares his insider secrets and interviews his insider real estate connections.