How YOU Help Me Help Kids Develop Self Esteem

My real estate career has been successful enough and fortunate to have a few hours of extra time to give back. My passion is helping kids develop self esteem through sports, music, dance, art.

But I couldn’t do this without YOU. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 thoughts on “How YOU Help Me Help Kids Develop Self Esteem”

  1. Mike, that’s Admirable. You have a Servants Heart too, check out Matt 25, 40. I live by this scripture. I am caring for family members as well as church members. It feels good to give back, we are truly Blessed and the Lord wants us to Bless Others. Love Ya Man.

  2. Love this so much!
    I am so happy you have been able to help in our future…they are the future. This is fantastic…you are awesome! You are truly helping “the least of these” which is what we are called to do. Proud to know you.

    1. Thanks Sherry! Its nice to know there are others like me — after all — these kids will be paying our social security!! Actually, I just really love to see them smile.

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